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Orient / Allianz Partners

Orient Insurance Company was established in 1982, with the goal of offering innovative risk solutions to clients throughout the UAE. Their plans are backed by strong customer service, a robust financial base, and in-depth knowledge of the region. By partnering with Allianz Partners, Orient Insurance Company offers dedicated solutions.


Allianz Partners, part of the Allianz Group, specializes in providing health insurance plans that are international in nature. Leveraging strong customer support, Allianz Worldwide Care is able to provide quality medical coverage for its policyholders.


With a “Clear to Zero” guarantee, Allianz strives to ensure that all submitted claims with the correct documentation will be processed within 48 hours. All plans sold also include 24-hour emergency assistance to members globally.


To offer local support in the Middle Eastern region, Allianz and its local partners have offices in:


· Bahrain

· Egypt

· Lebanon

· Oman

· Qatar

· Saudi Arabia

· The United Arab Emirates

International Insurers

Regional / Local Insurers