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Complimentary Medical Concierge and 24/7 Assistance service
exclusive to Lifecare clients

CURA: The ultimate supplement to your health insurance plan

At Lifecare, we consider it our responsibility to remove as much vulnerability from your future as possible – and that’s why we created Cura.


Including the best possible spectrum of premium privileges and assistance benefits for those that matter most to you, Cura gives you direct access to immediate, international, round-the-clock and real-time medical, security and travel support services – which COVID has taught us are essential in today’s world.


The partners we have selected for the Cura portfolio are the best in existence. They are world-class leaders in their fields and areas of expertise, and we are certain that, as a collective, we have created the ultimate supplement to your health insurance policy.


Completely unique to Lifecare, Cura brings benefits to the SME workforce previously only offered to multinational corporations.


Your calling card in time of emergencies and crisis, Cura offers the kind of support and assistance you don’t even know you need – until you need it.

What are the benefits of Cura?

Medical Assistance


  • Priority hospital admission to associated medical centers
  • Fast-track service: outpatient appointment bookings with associated medical centers
  • Representing member’s Interests (when services are declined in network facilities)
  • Follow-up on evacuation & repatriation requirements
  • Covid-19 testing & hospital admission assistance if required
  • Arranging pre-approvals (new/delayed/pending requests from medical centers)

Medical Concierge


  • Booking medical appointments
  • Extending discounts on out-of-cover services
  • Booking travel insurance
  • Co-ordinating medical tourism requirements
  • Booking of preventative health & wellness screening packages
  • Connecting members to wellness coaches

Global 24/7 medical, security and travel assistance*


Members can now get complimentary access to the world’s leading medical and travel security assistance service through CURA.
Whether your team needs evacuating from a conflict zone, or a family member needs specialist medical treatment in a foreign land, let us help protect you, your family and your team from global health and security threats.
*insurer specific

Global 24/7 Telehealth services (DHA Approved)


We along with our renowned partners offer next-generation telemedicine with an integrated end-to-end healthcare solution to manage further diagnosis, testing and medication delivery, through to hospitalisation placement and second opinions. This removes the need for face-to-face visits, reducing the risk of infectious diseases.

Mental health support


We offer counselling and critical incident response services for yourself, your family and team, to prioritise emotional wellbeing and ensure efficiency and effectiveness at work and in life as a whole. 24/7 telephone support is available in 70+ countries and 27 languages.

VIP Hospital Services


We have partnered with some of the world’s most respected hospitals should international treatment be required and cleared by the provider. Cura secures concierge assistance, fast-track options and priority admissions.

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