Do you have the money to replace tools and equipment?

"Consider the effect on your business if you were left without the necessary tools and equipment to operate your business"

This product provides comprehensive protection including fire, lightning, storm, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, impact damage, and in some cases acts of terrorism and political violence. The sum insured is typically based on the new replacement value.

Extensions are available for enhancing the covers in terms of additional exposures, costs and expenses consequent to a loss. Some of the important ones are listed below:

  • Architects fee
  • Debris removal expenses
  • Capital addition of assets
  • Temporary removal of property
  • Cover on reinstatement value (new for old) basis for property other than stock

This product can be extended to cover Business Interruption and Loss of Profits. This covers loss of income to the business after a disaster and helps in the rebuilding process subsequent to any accidental loss to the property.

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