How much cover do I need?

"We will help you determine the right cover and policy so that your loved ones don't have to worry about everyday money concerns such as household bills, education costs and mortgage payments"

Peace of mind, no matter what happens.

Unexpected events happen every day, but when these events affect your health, or even your life - then the financial impact can be substantial to your business, or the people who depend on you.

While insurance cannot prevent these events from happening in the first place, it can help to mitigate the financial loss. Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover can provide a sum of money when you or your dependents need it most.

So how does it help?

In the event that you die or become critically ill, Life & Critical Illness cover provides funds to:

  • Pay for medical expenses
  • Cover time off work
  • Maintain your family’s lifestyle
  • Achieve your family’s goals, for example, sending your children to university
  • Keep your business up and running

We’ve seen the devastating effects unpredicted events can have on people’s lives, and how the financial impact is felt for years. So why not give yourself peace of mind, and get the cover that counts?

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