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Expa Care

Expacare has 35+ year experience in the market and has worked diligently and successfully to adapt to an everchanging marketplace. Expacare stands out in the market because:


· Expacare CHOICES policies offer a range of flexible benefits which provide quality International Private Medical Insurance to Individuals, Small Corporates and Groups around the world and caters for expats and in certain regions local nationals. The ability to choose benefits allows members to tailor their policy to best fit their needs.


· Expacare Corporate Advantage Plan provides a unique solution, offering Simplified Medical Underwritten policies for groups of 1 – 4 employees. All our group policies are done on Medical History Disregarded terms and are available to groups of 5+ employees.


· Expacare has outstanding servicing capabilities throughout Africa and around the world. Expacare has designated account handlers for every policy which allows the member to create a relationship with their staff. This gives their members peace of mind when claiming and renewing their policies.


• CHOICES: Group Quotes 5+:


· These are policies for corporate groups of between 1-4 employees.


· Offering favourable rates on Simplified Medical Underwriting (SMU) terms, which requires answering five simple questions, rather than being subject to Full Medical Underwriting (FMU) terms.


• CHOICES: Group Quotes 5+:


· Group schemes start from 5 employees or more.


· These are all done on Medical History Disregarded (MHD) underwriting terms as opposed to FMU or SMU.

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