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Why should I use an intermediary firm such as Lifecare? Surely I can strike a good deal by going direct to the insurance provider?

Many people believe they save money by going to the insurance company direct. Based on our experience, this is not the case. Whether you go direct to an insurance company or via an intermediary firm such as ours, the cost is generally the same. Often, we can be cheaper as we have better knowledge of the market and can negotiate based on the wholesaler effect.

There are three main benefits we can deliver:

We will save you a significant amount of time.

When a scheme or insurance policy is established or renewed, our experts will canvass the market and analyse many quotes before making a recommendation. We make sure the plan or policy meets your specific requirements, represents good value for money and is compliant with the relevant authorities.

We’re specialists, focused on insurance matters.

Our experts are up-to-date with changes in the market; changes in legislation and regulations; competition; client service by insurer; become aware of new products earlier, and the small details which can be so important in every walk of life.

Ongoing maintenance and support.

We manage the scheme or policy on your behalf. You just have to contact your dedicated Relationship Manager and instruct them to deal with any issue. This reduces the amount of time you have to pay for administration of the scheme by your own staff.

We work with leading international, regional and local insurance providers. Here’s a sample of the many providers we have strong relationships with:

Aetna AIG Allianz AXA Bupa Cigna Daman Dubai Insurance General International IntegraGlobal Metlife Morganprice International Healthcare National Life And General Now Health International Oman Insurance Orient Insurance PJSE RSA Union Insurance Zurich APA Insurance GA Insurance Jubilee Insurance Resolution Insurance UAP

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