Mandatory Health Insurance Qatar

mandatory insurance qatar

A recent law in Qatar stipulates health insurance as a mandate for all expatriates and visitors. With this new development in healthcare law, you can find yourself trapped in a spiral of healthcare insurances and the different converge they offer. While there are many health insurances for you to claim from, one that is tailored for you specifically can leverage the right benefits in your future.

While you’re trying to scout for the right health insurance plan, hovering between the prerequisites, details such as coverage, expenditures, and safety can quickly make it very confusing.

Well, fret not. We’re here with a blueprint of a simple solution so you can make a straightforward imperative move for your healthcare insurance in Qatar.

At Lifecare International, we understand that diverse lifestyles, assorted health predicaments, and distinctive expectations call for the need for made-to-measure health insurance plans. Lifecare International makes this easy for you and helps you tackle all the alleviating challenges you may face while putting your dart on the right insurance plan.

Reach out to us, and we promise to develop for you a free personalized health insurance quote after a thorough assessment of your requirements, a study of your pre-existing health issues, and a comparison of several health companies as well as insurances to find your best fit. Then, our health insurance experts will equip you with a dependable, up-to-date, and comprehensive health insurance plan that best meets the coverage and cost needs of you and your family members residing in the country.

Why Should I Get Health Insurance?

To Battle Lifestyle Ailments

In today’s day and age, diseases don’t come knocking on your door at a certain age and aren’t entirely dependant on family history either. However, lifestyle factors such as exposure to pollution, stress, limited physical activity, and excessive work pressure can give rise to ailments such as diabetes, respiratory issues, or weight-related problems at any point.

While precautions can help confront these ailments to a certain point, unfortunate incidents and unforeseen sicknesses can be mentally and financially draining. Health insurance can help you form a roadmap to battle the financial challenges that follow such incidents and take a massive load off your shoulders when it comes to the expenses and dwindling your stress.

To Protect Your Family

If you’re visiting or relocating to Qatar with your loved ones, change in the environment, weather and climate can become problematic.

A single Health care insurance plan personalised to you and your family – aging parents who are notably vulnerable to sickness or diseases, your spouse, and your children, can save you a lot of last moment stress and research.

Encompassing a personalised health insurance plan that loops in your family should any unforeseen accidents occur will give you a sense of satisfaction and comfort knowing that the safety of your loved ones is taken care of.

Don’t Use Your Savings As Emergency Funds

Imagine a sudden healthcare emergency taking up all the savings that you had planned to invest in something that could have been life-changing, like a house or a dream car. According to research in 2018, Qatar healthcare spending has increased by 2.93% from 2017. That states that healthcare expenses are skyrocketing, and a single hospitalization can end up draining your entire life savings.

A structured health insurance plan can save you from sweating about the expenditure, and better manage your healthcare expenditures without touching your savings.

Upgrade Inadequate Pre-existing Coverage

Many times when you relocate, your organisation may offer you premade institutional insurance. Organisations generally go for group insurance, which means these healthcare plans and facilities that come by might cover basic health needs. While it can be sufficient for your essential healthcare needs, however, since these healthcare benefits aren’t precisely custom-made for your healthcare needs, chances are it might not be adequate to support an existing illness or a disease.

Moreover, the fact is that your health will only be insured until your job is secure. That means you won’t end up with a healthcare plan should you leave or change your job. Personal health insurance is like a safety belt that you can clutch to regardless of any changes in your career.

Comprehensive Coverage As a Fringe Benefit

 Getting health insurance will help you stand up against various complex aspects of healthcare without you having to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. A custom health insurance plan can cover different areas of hospital in-bounds such as:   

  • Regular Checkups – Sometimes, you are bound to land at the doctor’s clinic more often than you may have predicted due to some illnesses or old age. These visits can be costly when you have multiple such checkups lined up. However, health insurance can help you shield yourself from the expenses incurred during these checkups that could have cost you a fortune, so you can peacefully show up for your appointments. In addition, adequate health insurance will cover all the charges from these frequent follow-ups during your treatment.
  • Ambulance – A sudden surge of an illness when every second counts. One may need on-the-spot treatment, the right medical equipment, and being under the radar of a health expert. This is where ambulances can turn out to be life-saviors and potentially add up on your healthcare expenses. The right health insurance can cover ambulance expenses, so you don’t waste a single moment contemplating whether to call in an ambulance or not, and instead concentrate on getting the immediate medical attention you need while being taken to the nearest hospital.
  • Pre-hospitalisation and Post-hospitalisation Expenses – While the treatment itself can cost a fortune, expenses incurred before and after hospitalization aren’t sparing on the pocket either. That’s when health insurance comes swinging to save the day and covers you with pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses such as x-rays, other tests, lengthy reports, etc.


Cashless Treatment

Often insurance companies have a tie-up with selected hospitals when it comes to offering cashless treatment for hospitalisation. So when your insurance covers cashless treatments, that saves you from shelling out a huge chunk of money from your pocket during a hospital emergency. Instead, the hospital and the insurance company directly deal with the expenses that occur during the hospitalisation.

Rising Medical Costs

Qatar is known to have top-notch healthcare facilities and employs the best health professionals in the Middle East. Unfortunately, this means that increase in medical costs can be foreseen in the coming years. Amongst many reasons to have a health insurance policy in place, an escalation of medical expenses makes for one of the most crucial reasons to shelter your health under the right health insurance.

What’s The Right Age To Buy Health Insurance?

There exists a soaring dilemma about the right age to pull in a suitable health insurance policy. The concept of being ‘young and invincible’ no longer exists due to changing lifestyles, exposure to unhealthy environments, harmful habits, stress, toxic substances in the air, etc. So when it comes to health insurance, acting at an early age can be financially beneficial to deal with what can be crippling medical expenses in case of a sudden health hazard. Further, the sooner you scout for a specific policy, the better, since soaring age, sensitive medical history, etc., may increase your cost for a premium plan due to the risk associated with health.

Moreover, when you aren’t insured medically, you may put off getting treated for what you think are ‘minor issues’ that may instead end up manifesting into more significant health concerns. This can take a toll on your mental and physical health and bring intense financial pressure to arrange a large amount quickly.

On the other hand, when you know that your health insurance has your back, regular checkups, preventative follow-ups, and medicinal treatments will always keep a check on any significant health problems or prolonged hospitalisation that can be avoided.

Final Words

While medical emergencies bring in a lot of stress, panic and are complete emotional rollercoasters, health insurance is a great way to make these emergencies less financially daunting.

Don’t second guess your health. Remember ‘Your health is an investment, not an expense.’