Medical Insurance Dubai – what cover do I need?

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Since the final rollout of mandatory health insurance in 2016, it has been a legal requirement for everyone living in the UAE to have adequate medical insurance – employers must cover their employees and individuals must cover any dependants and domestic staff.

To ensure every UAE resident can afford medical insurance Dubai authorities have laid out guidelines for the minimal acceptable level of cover. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) policy is known as the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) and all employers are required to provide it at the very least to their staff. The same level of cover must be provided by individuals to their domestic staff and dependants.

EBP policies include cover for emergency treatment, surgery, medical tests, medication, both outpatient and inpatient treatment, and emergency care. However, EBP does have its limitations, including:

  • Capped annual claims at AED 150,000
  • Access only to basic healthcare services in Dubai
  • No cover for chronic and pre-existing conditions within the first six months
  • A 20% co-insurance payable on the policy for inpatient treatments
  • A 30% co-insurance payable on the policy for medication up to an annual limit of AED 1,500

Should your staff suffer from illness or injury that they are not insured for, not only will they suffer a financial consequence, but they may not be able to treat it in the most efficient manner, leading to a longer period away from work.

Beyond basic medical insurance

While EBP policies may be affordable, they don’t provide the best cover, to find that you must explore the market. But don’t worry, finding the right health insurance package for you, your family, or your employees doesn’t need to be complex. Just decide on the level of cover you require and then match these requirements to a policy that fits the bill.

Try not to focus too much on price, instead look for a package that offers full peace of mind while remaining affordable. As medical insurance is mandatory in Dubai and much of the UAE, you are going to have to pay something towards your cover, so you want to ensure that you are paying for a policy that covers every eventuality, not just the bare minimum.

Plus, when you factor in any additional payments required for certain procedures outside the basic policy, added extra premiums for dependants, and consider the potential impact of treatment delays caused by inadequate cover, a more enhanced package becomes the logical – and in many cases the most cost-effective – choice.
This is particularly true for employers. Should your staff suffer from illness or injury that they are not insured for, not only will they suffer a financial consequence, but they may not be able to treat it in the most efficient manner, leading to a longer period away from work.

Finding the right cover

Finding a comprehensive medical insurance policy at the right price is by no means impossible. There are plenty of insurance products out there that will not only cover you, but where necessary, also cover your employees, dependants, and domestic staff for everything from the basics such as GP visits and emergency treatment, through to enhanced cover for cosmetic procedures, dental care and non-emergency surgery. Whether you are an individual or a business, it is simply a case of finding a policy that meets your needs at a price you can afford.

A broker can help you with this search. A good broker should take the time to get to know you and any other insured parties to understand your needs and your budget. Most brokers will then take care of everything else for you,  searching hundreds of insurers to find your perfect policy. And contrary to popular belief, using a broker doesn’t usually cost more than going direct to an insurer.

Medical insurance Dubai: Why choose Lifecare?

At Lifecare, we know that life and business are full of risks. But while a dubai medical insurance policy won’t protect you from unexpected events, it will protect you from financial loss.

Our highly experienced medical insurance team based in Dubai, UAE, can assist you with any issue related to a medical insurance claim. And we are fully committed to making sure your experience with us is as timely and hassle-free as possible – that’s why we’ll always prioritise the needs of you, your family, and your business.
As well as finding you the best price from hundreds of the best insurers, we also offer a unique and personalised service to bring you cover that counts, at a premium you’re prepared to pay. We’re on hand in the difficult times too, managing the entire claim process for every one of our clients.

What’s more, we understand that choosing the right cover can be confusing. You may be looking for the best price, but can you really afford to insure your life for less than it’s worth? Let alone opt for a plan that when it actually counts, isn’t right for you? That’s why we go further than just getting you the best price, because we believe your life is worth more than a fast and cheap insurance quote.

In short: we believe your life is priceless. Which is why we take the time to help you identify and manage any personal risks in your life, to ensure we get the best possible price for a plan that matches not just your budget, but your exact circumstances and needs.

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Unlike many other insurance companies, we don’t hang up the phone once you’ve paid. When you choose Lifecare, you join our family – which means we never leave your side. Being a part of the Lifecare family means you get access to expert advice, 24/7 – some of our staff come from medical backgrounds, including former nurses, dentists, and doctors.

So, why choose Lifecare for your medical insurance? Because quite simply, we’re not like the rest. Our team of over 100 insurance professionals looks after individuals, families and companies, and makes us the leading independent insurance agents in the region. In the 20 years since our launch, we’re proud to have helped over 25,000 people and more than 1,000 businesses.