Health Insurance

We understand that choosing the right cover can be confusing.

Health Insurance

We understand that choosing the right cover can be confusing.

Did you know, that with job benefits rated as important as salary, the right healthcare cover isn’t just a tool for attracting great staff, but for increasing drive, motivation and overall company productivity?

Your people are your most important investment, which is why we’re trusted to protect and enhance the lives of thousands of Dubai’s workforce, whilst protecting and building our client’s businesses.

Unlike many providers simply focused on getting you a fast and cheap quote, we get to know the needs of your company to assess any potential and unidentified risks. As well as reviewing and managing your employee’s past claims history, we can help you reduce costs on health insurance by providing your workforce with strategies to ensure less claims are made, and to control your future premiums.

"We offer so much more than just great insurance. We go the extra mile by working alongside our clients to create better, more profitable businesses."

Working as a seamless extension of your HR team, we work with hundreds of leading insurance providers to ensure you get the best price for a plan that matches your staff’s exact needs, whilst giving them the expert advice and support they need during difficult times.

As a part of the Lifecare family, your staff have access to the best health and wellness guidance, and 24/7 support during difficult times, which we strongly believe is an opportunity to truly make a difference in their lives. Feeling cared for and valued will undoubtedly increase staff morale, retention and productivity.

The Lifecare Promise goes further than great price

    • Help you identify and manage personal risks
    • Access to hundreds of policies to match your
    • family’s life, budget and personal needs
    • A close support network with calls and home visits
    • CII-certified consultants and health experts
    • 24/7 assistance for any problems and claims
    • A simple, fast, stress-free service

Get in touch to speak to one of our relationship managers for more information on how to get your staff fully coveredby Lifecare.

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