Expat Health Insurance Qatar: 2021 Guide

expat health insurance Qatar

Your health insurance is one of the most important investments you will make. As such, you need the help of a professional to guide you in choosing the best expat health insurance Qatar for you and your family. At Lifecare International, our experts are committed to helping you navigate this overwhelming journey to ensure you get the best possible deal at the best possible price. Be sure to contact us for a free insurance quote today.

Unarguably, health insurance is a must-have in most countries including Qatar. With the spiking rate of diseases, among young and old, it is no surprise more and more people now demand health services.

Health issues may arise at any time in one’s life. Therefore, it is highly important to have a safety net you can run to when the inevitable happens. This is why health insurance is a necessity for both expats and citizens of Qatar.

Notwithstanding, the high demand for health insurance has caused a widespread boom in medical insurance packages and companies. Thus, leaving you at a loss for the right package to opt for. This is especially difficult for expats who are yet to familiarise themselves with the norms over here.

5 Helpful Tips for Choosing Expat Health Insurance Qatar

1. Always Look Out for The Right Coverage

The primary reason policyholders feel blindsided is because they do not wait to choose the right insurance coverage for their particular needs. Truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health insurance. Jumping at the first broker that comes your way may cost you so much at the end of the day.

What does your health insurance cover? How long is the waiting period? What share of the bill is designated out-of-pocket cost?

Be sure to carefully analyse each insurance package to ascertain the exact coverage they provide. Like we always say, all insurance packages are not made equal. Take the time to truly decide what you need and go for it.

2. Opt for Family Health Insurance Plan Instead of Individual Ones

As you begin the hunt for expat health insurance, you will come across both family and individual insurance packages. For the less informed, it is essential to note that there is a huge difference between both packages. For starters, individual packages cannot be extended to cover your family. With a family package, you are sure to have everybody covered without breaking the bank. There are a plethora of other benefits that come with family health insurance that makes it the ideal health insurance policy for anyone looking to get the bang for their bucks.

3. Make Informed Comparison Between Health Insurance Plans

As we have made abundantly clear, there are tons of health insurance packages and companies on the market. The coverage provided differs with insurance plans. The same applies to the waiting period and other important information. It is your sole responsibility to carefully analyze different parameters to narrow down the list to the best expat health insurance package for your needs.

We totally understand this can be somewhat daunting, especially for expats. Hence, our experts are ready to help expedite the decision-making process by giving you an insightful comparison between different health insurance plans available to expats in Qatar. With Lifecare International, rest assured you get the best possible result for your unique needs.

4. Network Hospitals Coverage

The range of network hospitals coverage is one of the many critical factors you should consider when choosing expat health insurance Qatar. This critical factor comes in handy when you have an emergency. Ideally, you will be grateful to be able to use your insurance coverage irrespective of your location across the globe. And that is why you should keep an eye out for the network of partnering hospitals before you opt for any insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that the enlisted partner hospitals vary depending on the package you opt for and the insurance company you work with. Consequently, it is smart to add this important factor as part of your search criteria.

5. Amount Covered

You may not know it yet, but your insurance coverage actually provides partial coverage. For every insurance package you opt for, there is a clause that states the amount of hospital bill the insurance company will cover and the out-of-pocket share of the bill you will cover. This is yet another area where policyholders get burnt. If you never paid attention to this clause, you will not know what is expected of your insurance coverage should an emergency arise. At the end of the day, you may have to pay a larger part of the hospital bill. We believe that is nobody’s plan going into this deal. Hence, it is smart to analyse every part of the deal and ascertain the exact amount your coverage provides and the out-of-pocket amount you will likely pay. At the end of your search, the insurance package you choose should be one that covers a huge percent of the hospital bill.

Expat health insurance Qatar is one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make. Literally, because it is about your health and that of your family. Therefore, at Lifecare International, we are committed to helping expats like you find the right insurance company and coverage for your special needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for guidance as you embark on this journey. Good luck!