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UAE Financial Services

Along with our range of insurance products, Lifecare also offers a broad portfolio of bespoke financial services designed to bring total peace of mind and help protect what matters most. These services include:

Life Insurance:

Similar to house insurance or car insurance, you pay a small sum monthly or annually for financial protection when the unexpected happens.

Critical Illness Cover:

A cash lump sum will be paid out should you be diagnosed with one of 35 illnesses covered in the policy, including heart attack, stroke and cancers.

Personal Pension – Planning & Management:

One of our financial planners can talk you through putting a plan into place to start building towards a secure and stress-free retirement.

Key Person Protection:

Key person insurance is simply life insurance on the key people in a business. In a tragic situation, key man insurance offers your company options other than immediate bankruptcy.

Shareholder Protection:

Designed to ensure that the aftermath of a shareholder’s death is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We will help you write up legal agreements that set out how shares are to be managed if a stakeholder passes away.

Gratuity Funding:

By making regular contributions towards employee end-of-service gratuity payments, you can reduce future contribution levels through investment growth and protect both the sustainability of your business and your employee’s future benefits.

Company Pensions:

A company pension plan must be regarded as an important employee benefit offered as part of an attractive remuneration package, which will incentivise employees and assist with talent retention.

Education Planning:

Education can be expensive in any country that has a reputation for excellence. By committing to realistic financial plans for your children’s education, you can rest assured that you have laid a strong foundation for their future.

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Based on your personal risks, aspirations and financial demands, our financial planners can produce an effective road map to help you reach your desired financial destination and meet the challenges of different life stages with peace of mind. The best offshore financial advice helps point out the risks, the returns, and the flexibility of your options within a marketplace where many regulatory and legal protections may not apply. Holistic advice would typically include:


  • Offshore banking
  • Cash flow planning
  • Retirement and pension planning
  • Estate planning and wealth protection
  • Tax and trust planning

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