Financial Advice From Lifecare International – Reviewing Your Financial Investments

While reviewing how well your investments have done, what is the first question you should ask your financial advisor? Not what % have they gone up? But rather how much risk did my investments have? In order to make a return on my capital?

The key to understanding how well your investments are managed is in asking the right questions. For example  investing in fixed income and government securities such as UK Gilts or US treasuries have been reasonably low risk historically and a return of 4 or 5 % PA without taking much risk would be an acceptable annual risk /return balance.

Investing in a single country equity fund say Indonesia / Korea / India for example which would be high risk should offer better returns for the risk taken with your capital.

Also understanding that sectors like Smaller companies funds can offer very good ,but volatile returns in different Markets depending on which currency you are investing in?

Examples of good funds in the  US $ Vam Smaller Companies ,Or Aberdeen Global Equity Smaller Companies ,Marlborough Special Situations can provide a core holding for longer term investing.