Medical insurance for dependants in Dubai

Medical insurance for dependants in Dubai

In 2016, Dubai officially joined Abu Dhabi in the compulsory health insurance policy. If you currently live in Dubai or are planning to move down here, we strongly advise you to get familiar with the medical insurance rules to avoid the common mistakes expats make. Even better, be sure to contact a professional insurance broker like Lifecare International to get assistance and the best possible quote for your medical insurance for dependents in Dubai, UAE.

As of June 2016, the Dubai government successfully passed a new law on health insurance. With the new law, everybody in Dubai – citizens and expats alike – is mandated to hold at least a basic health insurance coverage. This law also extends to dependants (domestic help like maid, drivers and nannies;  and individual family members like your spouse, children and parent).

You are probably thinking: Why should I purchase medical insurance for my dependants? Isn’t my employer responsible for insuring my family and dependants?

Truth is, in Dubai, employers are only encouraged to insure their employees. Your employer is not mandated to provide medical insurance for your family or dependants.

Note: Only in Abu Dhabi are employers required to cover their employees and the dependants of each employee (up to the third child.) This can leave you hunting for the right medical insurance for dependants in Dubai. We curated this article to equip you with everything you may need. We hope it helps!

3 Benefits of medical insurance for dependants in Dubai, UAE

1. Assured health safety net

As one of the liveliest cities to live in the world, Dubai attracts expats from all walks of life. While this is an excellent feat to achieve, the implication is that there are now many people to cater to. Life happens. People may (at some point in life) become unable to pay for basic health care. With the compulsory health care regime, you are sure to have continuous health cover for you and your family come what may.

2. Access to quality health care at all times

With the newly enacted health insurance law, it is right to conclude that everyone is now granted access to quality health care at all times. Before now, some low-income people, a bracket which dependants will typically fall into, are left to suffer their fate alone when critical and minor health conditions come up. Since they earn so little, they most likely won’t be able to access the standard health care they deserve. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore.

3. Financial safety in difficult times

More often than not, people do not consider the financial benefit that comes with securing health insurance for dependents in Dubai. Of course, at the moment, it seems like spending a significant chunk of your income. However, consider that should an accident or medical emergency arise, you will not have the added pressure of  looking for a loan or even going bankrupt over medical bills. Therefore, while it may not seem like it, this can actually provide significant long-term savings for you and your family.


3 Things to remember when picking medical insurance in Dubai, UAE

Your medical insurance is a huge lifetime investment. Don’t gamble with it. Take the time to carefully consider these three vital factors before choosing medical insurance for dependants in Dubai.

1. The total coverage

The first and most important factor to consider is the total coverage the insurance plan offers. This goes beyond the medical conditions covered to other nitty-gritty like the hospital room rent limit. This may not seem important from the outset, but it certainly can be later on. Be watchful!

2. The co-payment clause

In your hunt for health insurance, whether for your family or dependants, you will most likely come across the phrase ‘co-payment clause’. This industry jargon simply means the money you are required to cover after the insurance company pays their share. Now, you understand why this is vital. Some policyholders do not know of this clause and can consequently be faced with a huge bill when an emergency arises. We advise you study this section carefully to ensure you spend very little at the end of the day.

3. The waiting period

This is yet another critical factor you must consider when choosing medical insurance for your dependants in Dubai. The waiting period before a claim varies between insurance companies. Be sure to pick one that works for you.

Is medical insurance mandatory in Dubai for dependants?

Absolutely! As part of the newly enacted law on compulsory health insurance for everybody, each family sponsor is required to cover the health insurance expenses for their dependants. This means that you are required to purchase at least a basic health insurance plan for your spouse, parents, and domestic help like maids, drivers, nannies and cooks. This law is taken as seriously as other laws in the UAE. Therefore, you ought to abide completely to be on the safe side.


Health insurance in Dubai and the UAE at large has changed over the years. The new compulsory health insurance regime in Dubai was enacted to ensure everyone – both citizens and expats – are fully covered in times of emergency; and that they get access to quality health care irrespective of their salary bracket. It also provides peace of mind and financial safety in difficult times.

That said, expats and citizens are advised to get acquainted with the new laws to be on the safe side of the law. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance and the best possible quote for your medical insurance for dependants in Dubai, UAE.