Personal Medical Insurance in Qatar – Everything You Need to Know

personal health insurance qatar

People tend to go through life without a proper plan for accidents. Granted, no one expects to wake up someday bedridden and unable to go about their work as usual. But let us face it, accidents happen. Illness arises at some point in life. And this is a hard but inevitable truth. Having a good personal medical insurance in Qatar simply means one less thing to worry about in the future. Therefore, instead of shying away from this hard truth, you will do yourself so much good by preparing for when the inevitable happens.

Are you ready to get this over with? Wait a minute!

As we have analysed above, your medical insurance is a very crucial investment you will have to make at some point in life. Keeping in mind that this is one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make, it is a no-brainer to seek professional advice before signing up with a company. The wrong insurance can spell doom for you and your family when emergencies arise. Consequently, at Lifecare International, our experts are on standby to provide professional advice and assistance from the first stage through the last stage of acquiring your personal health insurance. Be sure to contact us for a detailed health insurance quote and any further assistance you may need.

That said, our team of experts compiled this guide to expose you to some of the best-kept secrets in the industry. In this article, you will learn five (5) essential things to keep in mind as you go about hunting for the right medical insurance in Qatar.

1. What is the waiting period?

This is unarguably the first and most important factor to consider when choosing a personal medical insurance in Qatar. As you go about hunting for the perfect insurance coverage for you, do keep in mind that all insurance packages are not made equal. Hence, be prepared to come across a variety of packages that offer very different things.

For example, the waiting period differs widely between insurance plans. The waiting period is the time after which your insurance plan becomes active and you are eligible to make a claim. Any emergency that arises within this waiting period will not be covered by your insurance plan. It goes without saying that you need the lowest possible waiting period to ensure you can make a claim as soon as an emergency arises. Make sure you carefully compare the waiting period before choosing a health insurance plan in Qatar.

2. How fast is the claim process?

The claim process, like the name implies, is the entire process you have to go through when an emergency arises and you need to make a claim. More often than not, we hear people complain of the stress they had to go to just to make a claim. It does not have to be so. Making a claim on your health insurance should not be long and tiring. This is your safety net. It ought to be available easily when the need arises.

Therefore, we strongly advise our clients to read through the entire deal to determine if it is exactly what they need. If you read through the claim process and it seems chaotic, that is a red flag already. You should immediately look elsewhere.

3. Does it offer an apt combination of coverage and premium?

Take a look at the medical insurance plan before you. Can you say it offers a comprehensive coverage for all your needs? Also, does this comprehensive coverage come at a reasonable price? Both questions come in handy when you are narrowing the list of personal health insurance packages in Qatar. On the one hand, you need to be completely aware of what you are getting into. You ought to be sure of everything the plan covers. This includes deductibles mentioned and other out-of-pocket expenses you will make during a claim. On the other hand, you are looking for a medical insurance plan that offers just the right coverage at an affordable cost.

This is where it gets a bit tricky – cost and coverage. Many a time, you will find clients rushing to pick the lowest possible price on the market. That is cool. But the question is – what is the coverage? To get the right personal medical insurance you must choose a plan that offers a wider coverage. So, while making your decision, keep the cost and coverage factor in mind.

4. Do you need pre- and post hospitalisation coverage?

This is yet another crucial factor that people tend to ignore. Not all insurance plans cover pre- and post hospitalisation costs. Some packages expect you to pay for medical expenses incurred before and after hospitalization. They only pay for the medical costs you incur during hospitalisation. Without much emphasis, you already know that this will cost you a lot. What is the need of having an insurance plan if you still pay for virtually everything?

This is why we advise you to opt for insurance plans that offer proper coverage before, during, and after hospitalisation. Do not accumulate debt in the future.

5. Do you get free medical check-ups?

How often do you go for medical check-ups? At a young age, you may not really see the need for regular medical check-ups. But as you grow older, regular check-ups become very important. Well, you will agree that some of these check-ups almost cost a fortune. Now imagine running such expensive check-ups regularly. That is too much cost to bear.

Fortunately, some insurance plans offer free medical check-ups along with other coverage. This is definitely what you want to look out for.


All in, we are positive you now understand why health insurance is a must-have. Let us quickly add that it is also important to know what to look out for as you go hunting for your personal medical insurance in Qatar.

At Lifecare International, we make the entire process very easy and smooth. We provide expert advice and guidance to help you compare different health insurance plans available in Qatar. This is important to ensure you choose only the best plan for your unique needs. Do not hesitate to contact us today!