Premium Health Insurance Dubai, UAE

premium health insurance dubai

Do you really need a premium health insurance plan? Of course, nobody enjoys being ill. However, falling sick is an inevitable part of life.

Knowing that falling ill is almost inevitable, the key move should be how to protect yourself. Unfortunately, some people still feel premium health insurance Dubai isn’t necessary. When, in fact, it is more than worth paying for.

With the alarming rise in chronic diseases and conditions in the past decades, it goes without saying that a premium health insurance plan is worth it now more than ever. Remember, the benefits you enjoy depend solely on the type of package you opt for.

The only thing worse than not having health insurance is having the wrong health insurance package. The goal is to protect yourself from the rising cost of healthcare. Therefore, premium health insurance packages are highly recommended by experts.

To help you understand the importance of premium packages, we have put together 5 surprising benefits of premium health insurance Dubai.

5 Surprising Benefits of a Premium Health Insurance Plan

1. Shorter waiting time

Have you ever wondered why you spend so much time waiting for treatment? Well, a premium health insurance policy is your ticket to a shorter waiting period. Premium health insurance members typically enjoy shorter waiting periods because they can often by-pass the waiting process.

This is particularly important for elective surgery which may involve a long waiting period. Usually, the waiting list for elective surgery varies depending on what the procedure is for. Nonetheless, those with a premium insurance plan are quickly attended to.

Rather than enduring an extended, uncomfortable wait for treatment, you can be seen at a convenient time and place with your choice of medical providers.

2. Private hospital rooms

Another benefit of having a premium health insurance plan is the option of getting treated in a private hospital room. Usually, without a premium plan, you would be placed in a room with other patients with different health conditions. On the other hand, with a premium plan, you would have access to private hospital rooms as well as the best medical facilities to make you feel comfortable.

Here you have access to a wide range of resources from the most basic to more advanced and specialized treatments. In some other cases, you may be able to get treatments that are not even available in your state or hospital.

Opting for this package can be a good idea for those who wish for the best service once they fall sick. The private room will be specifically built for private patients with comfortable beds, bathroom, television, etc. It’s similar to living in your own apartment!

3. Special rates for your family members

Illness is very disruptive to family life, and nobody looks forward to staying in the hospital. However, when sickness comes, you have to be prepared. If your loved ones were to become seriously sick, I believe you would want them to enjoy timely access to quality medical care. Once you purchase an insurance plan for yourself, you will be able to get coverage that stretches to your family members.

A premium health insurance policy allows your loved ones access to enjoy high medical treatments and technologies at a special rate. Although adding a family member to your premium package can hike your insurance cost, your family members will get special offers and rates for medical expenses.

4. Peace of mind

Oftentimes, people develop a love-hate relationship with insurance, yet the peace of mind it guarantees is worth it. In a case where you have to deal with a medical emergency, the hospital and treatment cost is often a huge financial burden. Premium health insurance policies offer you peace of mind as they cover whatever was expected of you to pay for medical care for you or your loved ones.

The whole essence of medical insurance is to receive the best medical care without any strain on your finances. With this insurance policy, you and your loved ones are offered protection against high medical costs. It covers all of your medical expenses, and all you have to focus on is speedy recovery. Instead of worrying about the cost of your medical bill or that of your family.

You enjoy peace of mind with greater choice of the security for prompt response to your health condition – or that of your loved ones, thus putting you in total control when you [or any member of your family] needs medical care.

5. Value for money

Lastly, although premium health insurance policies are on the high side, it is designed to cover policyholders for certain hospitals and medical treatments that are not available to non-premium insurance holders.

There are some healthcare costs non-premium insurance holders have access to, depending on their circumstances. Nonetheless, there are definitely certain healthcare costs that will not be covered by non-premium insurance, leaving an outsized bill for treatments made.

Also, access to new technologies and the best specialist treatment or drugs is not easy especially for non-premium insurance holders – or those who do not have an amount that covers the cost for this treatment. Nevertheless, as a premium holder, you have access to these treatments regardless of the entailed cost. Further, you get good value for your money by getting access to specialist drugs and treatments to speed up your healing process.



We believe you will agree that premium health insurance Dubai is totally worth it. Premium health insurance plans remain the safety net that will pick up the tab for anything that isn’t covered by non-premium insurance policies.

There are numerous benefits associated with a premium health insurance plan. Be sure to keep these benefits in mind and choose from the numerous insurance plans available at Lifecare international, based on your personal needs and requirements.

At Lifecare International, our goal is to help people get the best of insurance coverage. Kindly contact Lifecare International to learn more about premium health insurance Dubai, UAE.