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HanseMerkur is Germany’s second-oldest insurer, a name synonymous with the highest standards of service and customer satisfaction, and a company that is known for its ethical and sustainable approach to doing business. This is reflected in their transparent and competitively priced premium product offerings, with their international medical insurance plans available to an ever-increasing number of markets and new customers around the world (in the GCC the products are available through Emirates Insurance or Union Insurance). Everything related to their international health insurance products are administered and supported by a dedicated team operating from HanseMerkur’s Dubai office.


Specialising in premium international health insurance, HanseMerkur are challenging the established players and order thanks to a compelling combination of flexibility, quality of cover, service, and value for money. The proposition is further strengthened by their customer-centric approach and professional team of highly trained consultants and advisors who review the current medical insurance needs of brokers and direct clients, for companies, families, and individuals before advising on a range of products for most required levels of cover and budget.


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